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Gaffar - a horny Turkish Farmer playing a Naked Ancient Roman Soldier to see in a oldy Turkish **** Video. (id265)

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A horny Turkish Farmer with a very stiff **** playing a Naked Ancient Roman Soldier to see in a oldy Turkish **** Video.

He is a Turkish Farmer by Profession and sells his Goods at the Farmers Market. He always looked at me and smiled, that's why I approached him. We spoke briefly and then he really wanted to come to see a Video. He can't find a partner in his Village, he said, that's why he jerks off alone every Day. His Face is oriental and very sexy. His Body is only slightly hairy and his Pubic Hair and Ass Crack are shaved. His **** is a nice Size and becomes rock hard and he has big Balls. In this oldy Turkish **** Video he plays a Naked Ancient Roman Soldier. He jerks off while sitting on a Bench. During his Cums****, he briefly holds back his Cum, because he didn't know what to do with it. Then a very large Amount of Cum lands on his Thigh.

Gaffar is a sexy Turkish Farmer with a **** shaved **** who plays a Naked Ancient Roman Soldier. First Publication 08.2003. 

Oldy Turkish **** Video 17/03 - Turkish **** P****o Series 27/08 - Casting P****o 048 - (id265)

This Naked Ancient Roman Soldier has a very **** bone hard ****, 5 Stars, mmm, a horny oldy Turkish **** Video.


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p****o and video scenes are not always identical

A horny Turkish Farmer with a very stiff **** playing a Naked Ancient Roman Soldier to see in a oldy Turkish **** Video.


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