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Sevket - a big Naked Kurdish Man with a totally shaved big **** wanks. (id276)

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A big Naked Kurdish Man with a totally shaved big **** wanks in a Oldy Kurdish **** Video.

He has a tall, very slim Body with little Chest Hair. His Legs and Ass are very hairy. He is very shy and didn't want to strip naked at first. When He was naked, he had trouble concentrating. He played around with his big **** for a long time, he was finally really stiff. Now he has a big **** with a big **** Head and he has big Balls. He has no Pubic Hair because his Bush is completely shaved. In this Kurdish **** Video he wears Street Clothes and a Fez. He strips naked and does his Show. His Face with his Mustache is very masculine, erotic and looks very oriental. He jerks while lying down, his fully hairy Ass Crack can be seen briefly. His Cums**** is sitting on a stool. There is a very large Amount of Cum. Everything lands over his big **** on his Stomach and his shaved Bush. I would have liked to have made more Videos of him, but He didn't reply.

Sevket is an erotic Naked Kurdish Man with a big **** in a **** Oldy Kurdish **** Video. The video was posted around November 2004. But it is much older.

Kurdish **** Video 32/01 - P****o Series 59/05 - (id276)

He is a erotic Naked Kurdish Man with a big ****, 5 Stars, mmm, wow, a horny Oldy Kurdish **** Video.



P****o - and video scenes are not always identical.

A big Naked Kurdish Man with a totally shaved big **** wanks in a Oldy Kurdish **** Video.


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