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Sefer - a naked very hairy turkish **** with huge big balls in a turkish **** video. (id30)

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A naked very hairy turkish **** with huge big balls in a turkish **** video.

He has a very strong, hairy body with fur. Looks sexy, like a gorilla. It has two huge big balls, they are as big as duck eggs. His mustache face is very erotic and looks very oriental. This turkish **** video consists of two different films.
The first video is a turkish outdoor **** video and plays on the beach, where he jerks into the rocks by the sea. His **** is fully hairy with a thick bush. When he jerks, he lies on his back, here you can see his huge big balls swinging in front of his hairy ass crack. His cums**** is lying down and his cum ends up in the bush. At the end of the video he oils up and sunbathes.
The second turkish **** video takes place in bed at night. Here he has just shaved off his **** and ass crack. Here you can also see his shaved asshole very nicely. You can hear the crickets at night. He shows himself in many poses and his cums**** is standing. His cum then drips down onto the bed. For this turkish **** video i found a backup from 07.2003. But it is much older.

Sefer is a naked  very hairy turkish **** with huge big balls in a **** turkish **** video.

Oldy Turkish **** Video 07/15 + 07/08 - P****o 25/09 + 22/07 - (id30)

This naked very hairy turkish **** with with his huge big balls ist one of my best model and friend, 5 Stars, mmm a very **** turkish **** video.


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New text and the p****o series 25/09 and 22/07 were put together.

P****o - and video scenes are not always identical.

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In this two turkish **** videos can you see a naked very hairy turkish **** with a huge big balls.