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Kasim - a Naked Kurdish Man with a big hairy **** and big Balls. (id314)

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A Naked Kurdish Man with a big hairy **** and big Balls in a Oldy Kurdish **** Video.

He works as a Farmer and has a good Character, but has no Time to find a Sex Partner. During this Video shoot he stripped naked for the first Time in front of another, He said. I would have liked to have made more Videos of him, but he never replied. The Video is very old, at that Time there were no Mobile Phones. He has an erotic oriental Face with a sexy Mustache. His Figure is perfect and He looks very horny naked. He has beautiful Body Hair with very hairy Thighs and his **** has a big black Bush. His hairy **** has a big **** Head and gets very hard. This Oldy Kurdish **** Video shows two Cums****s and a short Shower Scene. There is also a Piss Scene to watch. At the End of the Video he is lying in Bed with his Legs apart, his super horny hairy Ass can be seen with the fully hairy Ass Crack. He also does a short Ass Show in Doggy Position. Here you can see his perfect crunchy Ass with plump hairy Ass Cheeks.  With his Cums**** come a great Amount of Cum. The Video was produced around July 2003.

Kasim is a horny Naked Kurdish Man with a perfect Body, a big hairy **** with a big **** Head and big Balls.

Oldy Kurdish **** Video 05/05 + 06 - P****o 08/02 - Casting P****o 047 - (id314) 

He ist an verysexy Naked Kurdish Man, 5 Stars, mmm a very, very horny Oldy Kurdish **** Video.



Naked Kurdish Man with a big hairy **** and big Balls in a Oldy Kurdish **** Video. 


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