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Naked Hairy Turk big Cock in turkish gay video


Latif - a strong turkish bear with a strong body and a big butt seen in a turkish gay video. (id46)

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A very strong naked turkish bear with a very strong body and a big butt seen in a turkish gay video.

His body is very powerful like a real naked turkish bear, but with little body hair. In this turkish gay video he is in jockstraps in the studio. His face is erotic and oriental with a beard. He shows his strong body in many positions and then strips naked. His cock is not that big, but he is nice and thick with a big cock head and he has a small bush. His big butt is big as a horse ass. You have to kiss him and hit him with your hand. His cumshot is lying down with a lot of feeling. He breathes loudly and there is a nice portion of cum. Everything lands on his bush.

Latif is a sexy naked turkish bear with a strong body and a big butt to kiss in a turkish gay video. For this turkish gay video i found a backup from 09.2005. But it is much older.

Turkish Gay Video 30/02 - Photo 56/10 - Casting Photo 063 - (id46)

A turkish gay video from the orient, 5 stars, mmm, yummy, a horny naked turkish bear with a strong body and ahot big butt to cuddle.


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In this turkish gay video can you see a naked turkish bear with a very strong body and a big butt.

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