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Welcome to Orient- ****.
On this page you can see many naked hairy Turkish Men, Kurdish Men, Syrian Men 
and also Iraqi Men.

There are many turkish **** Videos, kurdish **** Video and also turkish **** P****o Series to buy.

Many of my naked Models are very hairy like a ****. My hairy Turks have a nice stocky or muscular very hairy Body. But my turkish ****s are not a fat. All have a beautiful oriental, very masculine Face and all have a Mustache or ****d. These hairy Turks were chosen by me because they have an erotic Face, a horny hairy Body or a big, hard ****. Many are hairy like a Monkey, which always looks very cool. Many Turks have a trimmed Bush, because only then do they feel clean. kurdish men mostly have a full black Bush. Turkish Men also show their hairy Ass, Kurdish men are reluctant to show their crunchy Butt. In many turkish **** Videos you can see the crunchy hairy Asses in Doggy Style. For many hairy Turks, the crevice is so hairy that you can't see the Hole. At the End of her **** Show everyone has a Cums****. In the End your **** Show all have a Cums****. Usually a very large Amount of Cum shoots with a lot of Pressure on their Bodies.

©. Copyright!

All videos and p****os on my site have my copyright. Online since (1999 - 2024)

Any republication is prohibited because it puts my models in mortal danger. Self-justice, honor ****ings and **** for homosexuality still exist in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. My page is not visible in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Many of my protected videos have been uploaded to third party websites. It doesn't matter, but it brings me a lot of new customers. Republication is prohibited and a lawyer will issue a warning against payment. Disputed amount $ 5.000 - 100.000. Delete those uploaded videos or it will get expensive.


All Models were over 18 Years old on the Day of Production.



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My account has been closed by OnlyFans.







This is an Informationpage with Examples from this Side.

Here you can see some naked hairy Turkish Men and Kurdish Men with their P****o Series.

Emample: Here you see 63 models, each with a series of p****os.

****-hairy-naked-turk  very-hairy-turkish-man  very-hairy-turkish-****  big-naked-kurdish-man  turkish-silver-daddy  naked-kurdish-man  turkish-monster-****  very-hairy-kurdish-man  furry-kurdish-****-video  naked-turkish-guy furry-kurdish-man  turkish-outdoor-****-video  turkish-older-man  erotic-naked-turkish-man  thick-turkish-****  turkish-butt-in-doggy-style  kurdish-outdoor-****-video  kurdish-outdoor-****-video  young-turkish-****  turkish-hairy-**** very-hairy-naked-kurdish-man  naked-turkish-truck-driver  kurdish-monster-****  turkish-outdoor-****-video  naked-hairy-iranian-man  turkish-****-video  strong-haired-turkish-man  hairy-turkish-****  naked-man-from-iraqi  kurdish-****-porn-video big-naked-kurdish-man-from-iraq  turkish-****-with-big-bush  ****-kurdish-man  naked-kurdish-man  young-naked-kurdish-****  strong-turkish-****  kurdish-****-video  young-naked-kurdish-man  young-naked-turkish-****  furry-kurdish-****  hairy-turkish-****  naked-haired-turkish-****  big-kurdish-****  naked-turkish-man-in-rubber-boots  naked-hairy-turk.com/older-turkish-man  kurdish-ass-in-doggy-style  big-turkish-****  naked-older-turkish-man  naked-kurdish-man  turkish-furry-body naked-turkish-soldier  older-turkish-farmer  hairy-turkish-daddy  naked-turkish-man  young-hairy-turk  naked-beautiful-hairy-turkish-man  kurdish-man-with-big-****  bautiful naked iraqi man  naked hairy iraqi man  naked hairy kurdish man  huge big turkish ****  **** hairy turk  naked oldy hairy turkish **** oldy kurdish **** video


You can see on orient-****-com:
Naked turkish Men with very hairy Body, hairy Ass and Cheeks. I have to much naket turkish **** with furry Body
with shaved and no shaved ****. You can see naked Men from Turkey, Syrian, Iraqi and Iran.
Many Mens show his Ass in Doggy Style.

Almost all models have a cums**** with a lot of sperm. All my Fans said, my site is the best side with Hairy Turks.
It is for all lovers of hairy men something here.

There are many hairy Turkish Men, naked Syrian Men, naked Iraqi Men. 
Almost all are very hairy and have a very big hard ****. Many ****s are shaved
or have a full black Bush. Some men also show their plump hairy Butts. 
Many also show their Ass in the Dog Position, while you can see very well
the hairy Ass Crack. And in the End there is always a Cums**** to see
with a lot of Cum. Many Turkish ****s
are as hairy as a Monkey, but all are cuddling.


HairyTurk, Hairy Turkish Men, Men from the Orient.

The Best Turkish **** Porn **** Video Website.

The Prices quoted on this Page are streaming Prices.

The download Price is 5% higher.


Copyright Information!!!
Each p****o series and video each have my Copyrigt!
Each new publication without written permission, ****s my copyright.
The page orient-bear.com is blocked for Turkey, Syria, Iraq to protect my models.
Each New publication (Although it advertises for me), then to see the blocked countries.

While it is good advertising for my site.

That brings my models in acute danger of live.
(Vigilante justice and honor ****ing)

Deletes all uploaded videos from my site on other exchange platforms! You put your darling in great danger.
In Muslim countries there are still prison terms and sometimes death sentences and stoning when you're ****.


Technical information

Old Models get a new Text. As a result, this Model can be deleted from your List as a straming Video from your Purchase.
Then please write. If I find the Video in your Purchase, you will be credited back for it.


Subject: Streaming Video

You can only see Thumbnails and censored Images after Registering.

Everything works without problems




I often repeat turkish **** video and kurdish **** video and naked Hairy turkish man and
naked hairy kurdish man.
This is important for my ranking on google.
Sorry for that.


Attention! Hetero video runs under **** video. Otherwise goggle enters the video wrong.


P****o Scenes and Video Scenes are not always identical!


I now write, if requested, the Year of Production in every newly edited Text.

I can only give Information from the last Backup in Germany.

After the last **** attack in Turkey, I couldn't save any Hard Drives.

Pay attention to the copyright information !!!

Because my Models and Friends are also in Danger 

if Videos from this Site are posted on other Sites without .htaccess Protection. (block this country)


is a group of Iraqi **** Men.
They sell me videos. There is no own website.
Homosexuality is punishable in Iraq.


If you find a broken Video or P****o.
please write me the (id) or Video- or P****o Series Number

To make searching easier, videos with p****os series get an (id) or Video / P****o Number.
However, the assignment takes a very long time. Is manuel made.

Alle Alcazar DVD`s. sind zurzeit ausverkauft.


The numbers behind the video and the p****o series, have no meaning.
They are important only for very old regulars.
They had already bought with ****andbuy with me.


My models are NEVER online. I manage it
Activates the newsletter. There are many deals.


Double purchase!

Please write me the video Number or the (id).
If I find it in your statistics, you get an another Video - or P****o Series of your choice.


(Subject Double Purchase)


All my models are over 18 years on the day of shooting.

Enjoy Masha Jilmaz


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